Smart Home Competence Center

The smart home offers endless possibilities to improve our lives.

Our vision is to use technological innovation to improve the way we live and work.

At our Smart Home Competence Center you will be able to feel and see the quality, functionality, convenience and security that our Smart Home system offers.

Our mission is to help people integrate various IoT technologies and systems by providing customized smart solutions that enable people to live comfortably, sustainably and efficiently in residential and commercial buildings.

We warmly welcome you to your individual guided tour at the
Smart Home Competence Center

By visiting our showroom, you will have the opportunity to have a unique experience and discover the latest smart home solutions. The presentation will be a time dedicated exclusively to you, introducing you to a new way of living with the latest smart solutions to improve comfort, energy efficiency and safety.

Be inspired by our smart solutions and experience a connected home!

In our Smart Home Competence Center we are presenting more than 20 Smart Home categories – here you can find a small selection of them:

Security systems

Standard alarms, door and window contacts, alarms that are triggered when a window is broken, uncontrolled vibrations from doors and windows, video cameras, fingerprint control when entering the house, intercom with the camera and video with remote control, measuring device for carbon monoxide, Smoke alarm etc..

Energy systems

Heating, Ventilation, Climate control, Energy flow control for the optimal energy usage of the Photovoltaik, Heat Pump and charging station for electric cars combined with shutters, light sensor and weather station. Control of energy systems is directly linked to individual comfort systems.

Comfort functions

„Ambient Assisted Living“ (AAL), Accessibility with the smart kitchen, Lighting, roller shutters and blinds, audio system, home cinema, automated kitchen appliance systems, combinations of various individual scenarios to improve comfort in the house and garden.

Smart Garden

Robotic lawn mower, automated garden watering systems, garden entertainment and garden lights, a mailbox and package box system now also for DHL and ParcelLock group (DPD, GLS, Hermes).

Smart Furniture

Audio smart furniture, integrated sound systems, hidden cable guides and projector drawers, indirect light, built-in inductive charging etc..

Check your surveillance cameras, set the house temperature, turn on the music, the TV or the lights – indoors or outdoors – conventionally, via voice function or from any smartphone and tablet.
Let your Smart Home manage the optimal energy consumption automatically.

Experience this unique lifestyle in our
Smart Home Competence Center – now at two locations:

Our locations in southern Germany:

Stuttgart region

Smart Home Competence Center
Höhenstrasse 21, Place Nr. 27
70736 Fellbach, Germany

Munich region

Smart Home Competence Center
Senator-Gerauer-Straße 25, Place Nr. M5
85586 Poing, Germany