Smart Connected Solutions

We provide accurate analysis and planning, precise execution, using modern tools and high-quality products, leveraging the most advanced technologies. We can connect your home infrastructure in innovative and customized ways.

We offer advanced smart connected systems, solar systems and electrical installations for private and commercial buildings.

Discover our wide range of services related to Smart Connected Solutions and find out how we can actively support you in your project:


Our innovative Smart Home solutions can be implemented using wired technology or all types of wireless technology, depending on customers’ needs. Smart Home technology provides a more comfortable and secure living space. It is a smart and easy way to connect all electronic devices in the home.

Our competencies: Smart Home, Smart Kitchen, Smart Garden

Smart Industrial Solutions

We offer integrated and connected IoT technologies and smart metering solutions for business center sectors (e.g., hotels, offices, fitness centers, and energy providers).

Our competencies: Smart Office, Smart Hotel, Smart City

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Photovoltaic systems

Design from scratch, installation and maintenance of photovoltaic systems in private and commercial properties with the best certified products. Delivery time is less than 8 weeks.

You can rely on it:

Our PV systems have a warranty between 10 and 30 years.

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Battery Systems

Together with our certified EcoCoach installation partner, we design stationary battery storage systems in industrial and residential buildings to save energy and reduce electricity costs.

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Charging systems for electric cars

We offer individual analysis of your situation and needs, professional installation, and additional support for operation and maintenance of charging facilities.

Discover your benefits and our services for installing charging systems for electric cars now.

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Planung der Elektroinstallation
Elektroinstallation: Elektriker am Sicherungskasten
Elektroinstallation: Montage der Steckdosen

Electrical INSTALLATIONS of all kinds

We perform all types of electrical installation reliably and safely. We handle the design, installation, and maintenance of complex electrical systems for private and commercial properties (e.g., lighting systems, smart home systems, security systems, entertainment, industrial IoT systems, etc.).

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Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning are the three systems that determine the highest possible living comfort. They also have the most significant impact on a home’s energy requirements and maintenance costs. We provide installation, integration, management and control to reduce the cost factors of energy consumption and maintenance.

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