Services for Smart Buildings

Complete services in one place: As an experienced general service provider for Smart Home installations, we offer you specialist planning and implementation for new construction and modernization of houses and apartments as well as automation and digitization of small to complex industrial plants.

Get to know our wide range of services related to Smart Services and discover how we can actively support you in your project:

Smart Home Systems

Smart Home technology gives you a more comfortable and secure living space. It’s an intelligent and easy way to connect all electronic devices at your house.

Our Smart Home solutions are based on “digitalSTROM” technology, which uses existing power lines to communicate with individual electrical devices.

Our competencies: Smart Home, Smart Kitchen, Smart Garden

Smart Industrial Solutions

Our industrial solutions enable the digitalization of the entire system. We offer smart systems and solutions for hotels, offices, fitness centers and small industries.

We also offer various technologies for the optimization of energy consumption and digitalization of systems with different levels of automation.

Our competencies: Smart Office, Smart Hotel, Smart City

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Photovoltaic and solar systems

In times of energy transition, photovoltaic and solar technology is experiencing a dynamic renaissance.

Our PV fixed construction is specially designed to install solar panels in the solar photovoltaic energy production system. The installation combines the geography, climate and solar energy resources on the solar module construction site. This way, the energy system can get maximum power output.

You can rely on it:

Our PV systems have a warranty between 10 and 30 years.

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Smart Energy and Battery Systems

As a certified ecocoach installation partner, we take care of the planning and implementation of stationary battery storage systems in industrial and residential buildings.

With the powerful product portfolio around “ecoBatterySystem” and “ecoEnergyCoach” we also optimize your energy management to save energy and electricity costs.

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Charging systems for electric cars

With tailor-made charging concepts and high-performance products from ecocoach, we offer you an individual situation and needs analysis, recommendations for procurement and installation as well as further support in the operation and maintenance of charging facilities.

Discover your benefits and our services for installing charging systems for electric cars now.

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Planung der Elektroinstallation
Elektroinstallation: Elektriker am Sicherungskasten
Elektroinstallation: Montage der Steckdosen

Electrical work of all kinds

We are your general service provider for electrical installations of all kinds. Coupled with a first-class service, we carry out electrical work in private and commercial properties professionally.

Safe and reliable from a single source:

  • Standardized electrical installations and maintenance for private customers
  • Preparation and execution of electrical installations for Smart Home solutions in existing and new facilities
  • Electrical installations of complex industrial systems
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Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning are the three systems that determine the maximum possible comfort of living. They also have the most significant impact on home energy needs and maintenance costs.
All of these systems can be managed, and they need to be managed. Otherwise you will only use part of their capabilities. In addition, controlling them also means controlling your energy bills and your time.

Find out now how we will support you.

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