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Smart Energy and Battery Systems

As a certified ecocoach installation partner we offer the high-performance products “ecoBatterySystem” and “ecoEnergyCoach” for industrial and residential buildings.

ecoBatterySystem – stationary battery storage

With the ecoBatterySystem you store electricity from the building’s own production. This is how you make your renewable energy available around the clock. The battery system with capacities from 26 to 65 kWh can be cascaded into up to four systems with a total of 96 kW inverter power and 260 kWh total capacity. It has an integrated inverter and acts as a power storage and energy center at the same time. The associated ecoEnergyCoach takes over the energy management.

ecoEnergyCoach – smart energy management

The ecoEnergyCoach controls energy producers and consumers in buildings around the clock. This in real time and taking into account defined dependencies. With the smart energy management, the advanced system ensures optimal energy efficiency in your building and thus saves energy and electricity costs.

We are your go-to partner for battery storage systems and energy management.

Our promise to you:

  • Feedback within 24 hours
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  • Calculated and transparent costs
  • Implementation possible within 7 working days
  • Guarantees on our installations
  • Discretion towards the client when outsourcing

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Quality, fairness and trust, a highly qualified team and master electricians as well as uncomplicated cooperation with optional energy advice are what set us apart.


The battery storage can be easily and quickly integrated into existing and new buildings.

Flexible System

The open technology enables performance and capacity to be increased at any time.

Investment Security

Your system can be expanded over the years with components as required.

Diverse Connection

A battery system that connects to the home network, PV system, charging station and heat pump.

Consumer Prioritization

Demand-oriented prioritization of electricity consumers with control of energy flows in the building.

Potential Savings

With the tailor-made system, you have your power consumption and energy costs under control at all times.

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